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Thanks to Sacred Heart Women's Team!
Huge thanks to Coach Jessica Mannetti and the Sacred Heart University...
Save the Date - NCBA Banquet
NCBA Banquet  Thursday, March 8  7:00 - 9:30 pm Woodway...
Important Health Message
Effective immediately, New Canaan Basketball Association is taking...
Upcoming Events and Saxe Gym Monitors
As President of the NCBA, I’d like to wish all of our families...
2017-18 Practice Schedule
  Attendance is expected at all NCBA team practices. Practices...
Thanks to Sacred Heart Women's Team!

Huge thanks to Coach Jessica Mannetti and the Sacred Heart University Women’s Basketball Team for another successful skills clinic with our girls teams!  NCBA players worked on dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding and defensive slides. The girls also enjoyed pizza with Coach Mannetti and the Sacred Heart players following the clinic. 

Special thanks to 5G Rams Coach Asante Robinson for the terrific photos!


by posted 02/11/2018
Save the Date - NCBA Banquet

NCBA Banquet 

Thursday, March 8 

7:00 - 9:30 pm

Woodway Country Club

All NCBA families and coaches are invited and encouraged to attend.  

Details to follow... please save the date!

by posted 01/23/2018
Important Health Message

Effective immediately, New Canaan Basketball Association is taking special precautions for the next few weeks due to an increase of influenza in the area.  We ask that you do the following to help us prevent further spread of flu among our families:

  • Players should not attend practices or games if they are sick. Please wait until they have been without a fever for at least 24 hours (without the use of fever-reducing medication) before attending school, practices, or games.
  • Frequent and thorough hand washing is a MUST. Please remind players to wash their hands frequently using antibacterial soap or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Players should not share water bottles or food prior to, during or after practices or games.  Players must bring their own water bottles and food to games and practices.
  • After shaking hands at the end of games, players should wash their hands or use anti bacterial wipes.
  • Please be diligent in either washing/spraying/wiping down all equipment (including balls, sneakers, water bottles, head bands, etc). 
  • If players experience flu-like symptoms or a fever please see your physician or pediatrician, and also let your team manager know.

The NCBA coaches would prefer that any sick or recovering players rest at home until they are healthy.  This will not only help speed up their recovery, but also prevent the spreading of any germs.  If there's any doubt, please keep your child home and contact your team's coach and manager.  The NCBA proritizes health over attendance.  

We appreciate your cooperation and will let you know when these precautions are no longer necessary.

Chris Crovatto
President, New Canaan Basketball Association


by posted 01/18/2018
Upcoming Events and Saxe Gym Monitors

As President of the NCBA, I’d like to wish all of our families Happy New Year.  Hopefully everyone is finally back in the swing of winter hoops (without the worst of winter inflicting chaos on our schedule).  We have several special events planned which include Boys and Girls Youth nights at NCHS games, a recent trip that our girls took to Sacred Heart on MLK Day where they watched a Division 1 NCAA women’s basketball game, a skills session being run by the Sacred Heart Women’s Basketball team (head Coach Jessica Mannetti is a former New Canaan Ram hoopster), and a January meet and greet gathering to talk hoops and socialize.   

On a separate note, I am reaching out for your assistance in making sure everyone understands the importance of the role that our parents play in monitoring the gyms at Saxe. Unlike Saint Lukes, NCCS, and NCHS, Saxe is considered an “open” campus where the gyms are not, and cannot be, locked off from the rest of the school due to fire codes.  As such, we are required to provide a door monitor during all hours that we use the Saxe gym to not only let people into the building but to make sure that no one roams the halls of the building.

It has once again been brought to my attention by the janitorial staff that there have been some gaps in the door monitoring schedule.  Please understand that I know that we all lead busy lives and that being a door monitor may seem an inconvenience.  However, we are at the mercy of the town’s rules and our failure to follow their rules will result in the town either placing their own employees to monitor the doors at a considerable expense to the NCBA or restricting our use of the Saxe facility (which would translate into fewer practices and games). Neither are good outcomes, so please read the following guidelines regarding monitoring the door and help us to ensure that we provide door monitors as required.

  • Please make sure that if you are assigned as a door monitor, you show up on time and stay through your assigned practice time.

  • If you have a conflict, it is your responsibility to find a replacement door monitor.

  • We ask that monitors show up 5 to 10 minutes prior to the start of practice, and for those that have the late shift, stay until all players have been picked up and the facility is empty.

  • There will be a chair to use by the door, and you must be present at the door (not down the hall) to let the players, coaches, and parents enter as the door is always locked.

  • We are not permitted to prop the door open.

Thank you for your assistance and good luck with the rest of your seasons!


Chris Crovatto

President – New Canaan Basketball Association

by posted 01/18/2018
2017-18 Practice Schedule

Attendance is expected at all NCBA team practices. Practices are scheduled to begin the week of November 6.  Practice schedules will change on occasion based on facility availability.  We will do our best to minimize conflicts, but we appreciate your flexibility. 

by posted 10/18/2017
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